If you entered my sites through any page on the Lucky 13 Studios site, then you should see a link back to the ring in the brief list that follows. Just click on the name of the page on which you entered, and you'll be sent to the right place

If you came in on one of the other copies of the Lucky 13 Studios homepage on Allalla.com / 1FreeHosting.com or Webring Webspace, and you feel the need to return to your ring through the same site, I guess you could follow that last link. I'm thinking that this would be a pointless waste of time and bandwidth, as you'll find the same code taking you to the same places on the same rings, but if that's where you want to be, you do have that choice.

If you came to my sites from anywhere else, just go to the global ring return page for my sites, and you should find your way to where you need to be; it's all menu driven and fairly straightforward.